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Sunday, May 20, 2018   
Award Winner
Atomizer  Zellen (2 kills with atomizer)
AWPer Hand  Ninja (1 kills with awp)
Baby Face's Blaster  marc (14 kills with brawlerblaster)
Backburner  LUCIFER (2 kills with backburner)
Backstab Kills  Travo (32 Most backstab kills)
Baseball Player  AdielGarcia (1 kills with bat)
Bazaar Bargain  LUCIFER (2 kills with bazaar bargain)
Best Latency  PickaxePwnage (39 ms average connection)
Best Sentryguns - Level 1  Mario Sans (2 kills with sentrygun (level 1))
Best Sentryguns - Level 3  LUCIFER (3 kills with sentryguns (level 3))
Best Sniper  today it ends (11 snipings as sniper)
Black Box  MyWaifuIsTotallyReal (5 kills with black box)
Black Rose  〖ĿƐΘ〗 (1 kills with black rose)
Bleed Kill (1 bleed kills)
Bushwacka  EliteEthan117 (2 kills with bushwacka)
C.A.P.P.E.R  Duke Nukem (8 kills with capper)
Claidheamohmor  serialArtistry (2 kills with claidheamohmor)
Connivers's Kunai  Endymion (12 kills with conniver's kunai)
Cow Mangler 5000  Bill Cipher (1 kills with cow mangler)
Crusader's Crossbow  Ganz (1 kills with crusader's crossbow)
Degreaser (3 kills with degreaser)
Detonator  serialArtistry (2 kills with detonator)
Diamondback (1 kills with diamondback)
Dominator  benched 500 and broke my arms (8 dominations)
Enforcer  ozbunmi (1 kills with enforcer)
Fan O'War  imie1230123 (1 kills with fan o'war)
Fire Spitter  AdielGarcia (6 kills with flamethrower)
Flags Captured  Duke Nukem (4 flags captured)
Flags Defended  beyonder (5 flags defended)
Flare Gunner  Ham (1 kills with flare gun)
Flying Guillotine  AdielGarcia (1 kills with guillotine)
Force-A-Nature  EliteEthan117 (6 kills with force-a-nature)
Frontier Justice  Croud [SpyCrab] (1 kills with frontier justice)
Frying Pan  serialArtistry (5 kills with frying pan)
Grenade Launcher  AdielGarcia (6 kills with grenade launcher)
Gunman  imie1230123 (11 kills with minigun)
Gunslinger  The New Pyrocynical (2 kills with gunslinger)
Headshot Kills  today it ends (11 Most headshot kills)
Hitman's Heatmaker  marc (1 kills with pro-rifle)
Iron Bomber  benched 500 and broke my arms (3 kills with iron bomber)
Kamikaze  LUCIFER (1 kills with kamikaze)
Kill Assists  EliteEthan117 (20 kill assists)
Kill Assists - Medic  Endymion (2 medic kill assists)
Knife Maniac  Travo (35 knifings)
L'Etranger  Ninja (2 kills with l'etranger)
Longest Death Streak  beyonder (12 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak (10 kills)
Longest Play Time  LUCIFER (01:55:26h hours)
Loose Cannon  ozbunmi (1 kills with loose cannon)
Lugermorph  wow (2 kills with lugermorph)
Manslayer  unmute me if you're not gay (3 kills with kukri)
Mantreads  LUCIFER (1 kills with mantreads)
Market Gardener  marc (6 kills with market gardener)
Medic Killer  benched 500 and broke my arms (7 medic kills)
Most Deaths  LUCIFER (52 deaths)
Most Improved Player  Amateur | cellphone ☭ (300 points gained)
Most Kills  benched 500 and broke my arms (73 kills)
Most Points Healed  〖ĿƐΘ〗 (812 points healed)
Most Suicides  EliteEthan117 (22 suicides)
Most Valuable Player  benched 500 and broke my arms (1 wins as mvp)
Panic Attack  jabb (1 kills with panic attack)
Pistol  Croud [SpyCrab] (2 kills with pistol)
Player Extinguished  AdielGarcia (3 players extinguished)
Player Teleported  LUCIFER (1 players teleported)
Pomson 6000 (2 kills with pomson)
Postal Pummeler  serialArtistry (2 kills with mailbox)
Powerjack  Ham (1 kills with powerjack)
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol  Ham (3 kills with pep-pistol)
Primary Shotgun  Endymion (4 kills with shotgun primary)
Pyro Shotgun  AdielGarcia (5 kills with shotgun pyro)
Revenger  Ham (6 revenges)
Rocket Launcher  Ninja (28 kills with rocket launcher)
Sam's Revolver  daff (8 kills with sam's revolver)
Scattergunner  benched 500 and broke my arms (21 kills with scattergun)
Scout Pistol  beyonder (7 kills with scout pistol)
Shovel Beating  beyonder (2 kills with shovel)
Showdown  BeatBox (2 kills with showdown)
Soda Popper  EliteEthan117 (1 kills with soda popper)
Soldier Shotgun  Amateur | cellphone ☭ (11 kills with shotgun soldier)
Spy Power  〖ĿƐΘ〗 (2 objects killed as spy)
Spy-cicle (9 kills with spy-cicle)
Stickybomb Launcher  benched 500 and broke my arms (2 kills with stickybomb launcher)
Sydney Sleeper  EliteEthan117 (5 kills with sydney sleeper)
The Ambassador  daff (11 kills with ambassador)
The Escape Plan  benched 500 and broke my arms (2 kills with escape plan)
The Eyelander  Croud [SpyCrab] (1 kills with sword)
The Huntsman (3 kills with sniper bow)
The Original  benched 500 and broke my arms (32 kills with original)
The Sandman  marc (2 kills with sandman)
Three-Rune Blade  Duke Nukem (1 kills with three-rune blade)
Tide Turner  LUCIFER (1 kills with tide turner)
Tomislav  Croud [SpyCrab] (7 kills with tomislav)
Ubercharger  Amateur | cellphone ☭ (1 ubercharges)
Ubersawer  Ham (1 kills with ubersaw)
Warrior's Spirit  imie1230123 (4 kills with warrior's spirit)
Winger  EliteEthan117 (4 kills with winger)
Wrangler  LUCIFER (1 kills with wrangler)
Your Eternal Reward (9 kills with eternal reward)